By Nina Lynn, co-producer


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About two years ago, while I was waiting for my colleague, Anne James-Noonan, to finish a phone call, I started to read a script called Set Up that was on her desk. I laughed out loud on the first page and asked her where it had come from.

She told me it was her husband's most recent play and invited me to a reading. 

For the next year or so, I kept asking Anne about the progress of the play, saying, "There must be some small theatre company that wants to add this show to its season."

Then I remembered that I run a small theatre company and sent the script to my partners, Scott Ferguson and George Keating.

Now, 20 years after Theatrebam Chicago opened our first show, Schoolhouse Rock Live!, we are thrilled to be producing this play. Just as Schoolhouse honored our childhood, Set Up honors our adulthood.

Set Up is about two people who carry burdens in their lives and manage to pull themselves together in an attempt to make meaningful contact with another human being. That effort can be really difficult and sometimes scary. The characters are flawed, but they are also trying to step outside of themselves with hope.

That spoke to us. It spoke to others as well. Set Up won the 2013 Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest.
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